Upstream Occlusion Sensors in Peristaltic Infusion Pumps

Custom designed strain gage transducers that are capable of detecting pressure changes in the tubing of peristaltic infusion pumps. When fluid moves through the tubing under normal operation, the tubing pushes outward, applying a specific force on the sensor. If an occlusion is present, the tubing pulls away from the sensor reducing the specified force triggering; an indication of potential warning in the fluid path of the pump.

Strain Gage Transducers for Surgical Table Weight Feedback

Accurate patient positioning plays a large role in providing the best outcome during surgery. Transducer class single-grid linear-pattern strain gages are installed on plates used to measure position weight feedback during surgery.

Prosthetic Knee Transducer

An innovative company in the prosthetic limb field approached HITEC with an existing design for force feedback on knee joints. Minimal design effort was required on HITEC’s part given the existing design, however our design engineers were called upon to help select proper semi-conductor strain gages as well as devise the temperature compensation techniques required for production units.

Force Measurement in Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

Strain gages can be used to measure forces on minimally invasive surgical instruments. When installed on a trocar for advanced laparoscopic surgery in the abdomen, strain gages allow force measurement in the X and Y direction for better viewing of the working site as well as measurement in pressure on both the trocar and the entry site. Two full bending bridges are installed to measure both directions. Optimal combinations of adhesives and protective coatings are selected to accommodate sterilization.