Race Car Industry

Weight Shift and Transfer Analysis

Pull rods were gaged for weight transfer analysis to lower the likelihood of a crash; other suspension components and sway bars were gaged for weight shift reaction to turns and straight-aways. HITEC can provide a ready to connect assembly that includes lemo and autosport connectors.

Reliability in Higher Temperatures

Changes in the sensitivity of the strain gage and the elasticity modulus of a transducer’s temperature will result in an output span shift. HITEC provides a specially selected modulus-compensated strain gage to reduce this effect to an agreed upon level. An unloaded suspension component will exhibit some output as it is heated, even with no load applied. This is due to a variation in the matching of the strain gage circuit to the transducer material. We add temperature compensation to the strain gage bridge to reduce this effect requiring two calibration runs.

Custom Load Cell

A custom load cell is applied as an alternative to the screw jack/top hat load cells for measuring coil springs. The original screw jack, helix and coil springs are retained and the load cell does not interfere with coil spring changes or other suspension adjustments normally made at the track. Capacities and dimensions can be customized to your specific measurement needs.

Adjustable Amplifiers

For increased accuracy and repeatability, installation of a strain gage amplifier is added as an option to work with your data acquisition system. Amplifiers have a 0-5 volt output and the gain can be adjusted to maximize sensitivity.


All calibrations are NIST traceable reported in units of mV/V. Components are calibrated with reference load cells ranging from 500 gram force to 100,000 lb force and 1,000 in-lb to 50,000 in-lbs.