Rokide Flame Spray on Turbine Engine Blades

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), an industrial cutting process, is performed on lead wire holes and egress slots on power-generating turbine engines blades for installation of thermocouples and high temperature strain gages. A Rokide Flame Spray, one of the best methods of attaching strain gages in extreme environments, is utilized to guarantee sensor survivability. Static and dynamic sensors for gas turbine components measure stress, strain and vibration. HITEC’s extreme environment instrumentation expertise allows for accurate performance in a maximum temperature of 2,012F.

Strain Gage Instrumentation for Full-Scale Static Load Measurement

Strain gages are used on wind turbine blades for full-scale static load measurement, design validation, and fatigue testing for cycle loading and certification requirements. Strain gage instrumentation services can be provided on location or here at our facility.

Rokide Application Strain Gages on Turbine Engine Fuel Spray Nozzle

120 Ohm free-filament strain gages are installed using a high temperature Rokide™ application on a turbine engine fuel spray nozzle. The strain gages are installed onto the inlet fitting assembly prior to the braze cycle, for dynamic strain data and testing. After the assembly brazes cycle, strain gages are installed on the flange and outer stem at operating temperatures of 1,350F.