Custom Load Cells

Off the shelf load cell not enough? Improve the quality of your load measurements by working with HITEC to design your own custom load cell.

Load cells are strain gage based transducers used for quick and precise measurement of weight, load, overload or tension conditions. Compared with other sensors, load cells are relatively more affordable and have a longer life span. HITEC will work directly with your engineering team to provide a load cell design – setting the measurement bar high having exactly what you need.

Benefits of using a custom load cell:

  • In-house machining or access to qualified machine vendors
  • In-house NIST traceable calibration; A2LA calibration
  • Accuracy in dimensions, configuration, linearity and repeatability
  • Broad temperature and capacity ranges
  • Expertise in protective coatings for challenging environments including high temperatures, oil and water exposure, medical environments, vacuum and high pressures
  • Extreme environment adaptability for chemically active and corrosive surroundings