Elevated Temperature & Extreme Environments

Strain measurements in extreme environments can often be a difficult task. Working directly with your engineering staff, utilizing over 45 years of direct industry experience, HITEC provides specialized instrumentation expertise for static and dynamic measurements in extreme environments that include temperatures, presence of fluids, pressures and vibrations.

Strategic strain gage placement with the appropriate protective coating results in the ability to accurately measure strain in various locations; working towards the goal of identifying operational safety parameters that include stress limits, deflection limits and high cycle fatigue.

Our instrumentation capabilities include:

  • Strain gage application – foil, free-filament, semi-conductor and weldable gages
  • Ceramic cement and Rokide™ Flame Spray for elevated temperatures
  • Temperature sensor application (thermocouples, RTD sensors)
  • Pressure sensors
  • Rake and probe assembly
  • Bearing thrust, shaft torque and force sensors
  • Rotating machinery expertise
  • Leading edge airfoil sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Slip ring and telemetry system integration

Our sensor installations are proven to survive countless hours of rigorous testing. Our extreme environment experienced technicians are also available to perform extreme environment sensor installations including Rokide™ Flame Spray, wire routing and splicing on-site.