Force Transducer

Specializing in custom strain gage-based transducer design and manufacture, HITEC can design a custom force transducer or load cell to meet your specific needs.

Strain gages are bonded to a customized machined blank in a selected pattern, when force is applied, the strain that develops, creates a change in electrical output.

The most common force sensors are load pins, shear beams and tension transducers – our knowledge in force sensing goes beyond traditional force sensors, with experience in many industries customizing force measurement needs into a sensor that enhances system performance. Our expertise includes single, dual or triple bridge configurations as well as multi-component design experience for x, y, z forces and moments.

We can step into your custom force sensor needs at any stage during the design or re-design process; or if you have an existing design, our production staff is fully capable of sourcing components and building your customized force transducer in quantities from 1 to 100,000+, including calibration.

Transducer design considerations include:

  • Material definition
  • Envelope/clearance definition
  • Bridge configuration
  • Environment
  • Measurement specifications
  • Cable specifications
  • Calibration specifications