Temperature Sensor [96000]

The 96000 Temperature Sensor is a low-cost device that provides a simple, effective way to prevent damage and downtime caused by overheating of equipment.

In monitoring equipment temperature, the sensor detects a potentially damaging or hazardous condition and alerts personnel to take corrective action. Application areas include bearings, gear boxes and motors.

A bi-metal SPST switch, the 96000 is available in a choice of eight temperature settings from 140°F to 300°F. Each sensor is preset (non-adjustable) to activate at its given temperature within +/-5°F. All sensors are available with either normally closed (NC), which is standard, or normally open (NO) contact configurations. Upon reaching activation temperature, the sensor contacts, which are NC will open and the NO contacts will close. The sensors automatically reset themselves upon cooling.

When the temperature of the monitored equipment rises to the sensor’s preset range, the 96000 will trigger a circuit to sound an alarm, turn on a light or shut off equipment. An unlimited number of sensors can be wired in parallel or series and can be used with our AVS alarm systems.


  • 8 temperature settings: choice 140, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275,300°F
  • Accuracy +/-5F
  • Sensor reset within 5°F below set temperature
  • Contact rating is 8 amps @ 120 VAC 4 amps @ 240 VAC dry contacts
  • Lead type/length:18-2 type SJO 4’ standard length (longer available)
  • Water and oil resistant
  • No special pre-amps or interfacing equipment required
  • Mountings available: aluminum bolt on lug, steel pipe thread insert, steel standard thread insert, and custom mountings are available