Digital FM Telemetry [90332]

The 90332 digital FM telemetry systems is designed to be used with full-bridge, strain gage sensors. The system features a miniature transmitter powered by a simple 9V battery, and a remote receiver capability of receiving the digital transmission over long distances. The digital technique eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional analog frequency modulated telemetry systems. Improvements with a digital technique include elimination of ripple, temperature drift characteristics, and higher signal resolution.

The transmitter features a selectable transmission frequency for use over multiple systems. Up to 8 separate transmitters can be operated in close proximity without interference. The receiver base features a digital display, high level analog output, good data relay signal outputs, zero and span adjustments, and RS-232 serial output.


 Analog Output (receiver)  0 to +/- 5Vdc
 Sample Rate  1250 samples per second
 Low Pass Filter   300Hz, 4-pole Butterworth type
 Analog to Digital Conversion  12 Bit
 Resolution  +/- 2000 Counts
 Channels  1 of 8 (jumper selectable)
 Carrier Frequency  900Mhz
 Drift  0.005%/Celcius
 Minimum Bridge Impedance  350ohm
 Operating Current w/ 350ohm Bridge  30mA
Power Requirements 7Vdc – 15Vdc
 Maximum Operating Temperature  70 deg C
 Minimum Operating Temperature  0 deg C
 Options include:  encoder input
shaft collar (model 90301)
battery powered receiver