PMAC 3000 [90424]

System Overview

The PMAC 3000 is a multi-functional Process Monitor and Control instrument, designed to operate with Sensor Developments Inc. Auto-ID sensors.  Model 90424 has been enhanced to support quadrature encoders.  This functionality is supported via Auto-ID and third party sensor programming.  For easy verification, the encoder version will show the extension “E” when the software version number is displayed at power up.

The PMAC 3000 is a portable instrument and comes with the following:

  • Carrying Case
  • 12V Regulated Power Supply
  • CD ROM containing Graphics User Interface (GUI) software



  • A continuous tracking function
  • 3 peak logging functions
  • 2 waveform recording functions (with multiple record rates)
  • 4 process control output signals (for High, Ok, Low and Target occurrences)
  • Programmable setpoints for Threshold, Target, High and Low Limits
  • Analog Output
  • Storage capacity in excess of 750,000 readings
  • Storage capacity of up to 30 recordings
  • Automatic calibration with Sensor Developments Inc. AutoID sensors
  • Measures with respect to absolute or relative zero
  • Scaling adjustment for sensors
  • Multiple engineering unit capability with automatic unit conversion
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Support for third party sensors


 Sampling Rates
 All Peak Modes  10,000 samples/second
 All Record Modes  User Selectable from 1 to 10,000 samples/second
 Frequency Response  ‐3dB at 1000Hz
 Accuracy  +/‐.02% of full scale input
 Sensor Interface
 Input Range  +/‐ 4.5mV/V
 Polarity  Bipolar
 Bridge Excitation  5VDC
 Minimum Bridge Impedance  120 ohms
 Analog Output
 Range  User Selectable +/‐10V, +/‐5V, 0‐10V, 0‐5V
 Resolution  16 bits over +/‐ FS Capacity of Sensor
 Frequency Response  ‐3dB at 1000 Hz
 Update Rate  10,000 samples/second
 Operating Temperature Range (battery charging)  0‐45 deg C / 32‐113 deg F
 Operating Temperature Range (battery not charging)  ‐20‐60 deg C / ‐4‐140 deg F