Reaction Torque Sensors – Ultra Light Torque Sensor [01040]

This low capacity reaction torque sensor is capable of measuring torque with a full scale capacity of 10 in oz and a resolution of 0.02 in oz. The unique sensing element design allows the sensor to carry extraneous loads while being able to accurately measure in the in oz range. The small physical size makes it adaptable to many applications where space is limited.



Capacity 10 & 50 in.oz.
Overload capacity 150% of F.S.
Output at F.S 1.0 mV/V nominal
Non-linearity 0.1% of F.S.
Hysteresis 0.1% of F.S.
Zero balance +/-1% of F.S.
Compensated temperature 70 to 170°F
Useable temperature -65 to +250°F
Temperature effect on zero 0.002% of F.S./°F
Temperature effect on span 0.002% of Rdg./°F
Bridge resistance 350 Ohms
Excitation voltage, maximum 15 Vdc
Material Aluminum