Torque Sensors – Custom Rotary High Radial Load Bearing [01367]

These unique rotating torque sensors feature a bearing system that allows the structure to be exposed to very high radial loads without damage.  Most standard torque sensors require their housings to float to minimize any extraneous loading other than the torque applied to the shaft.  This sensor allows for extraneous loads up to 9000lbs/40kN and overturning moments up 18,000in-lbs/2030Nm to be reacted through the housing.  Its use allows the operator to eliminate pillow block bearings and reduce overall torsional inertia, thereby increasing the overall stiffness of the driveline.  Ideal for measuring components that are subjected to these loads such as steering columns, pulleys, and universal joints.

Our 01367 rotating torque sensor family features a digital non-contact signal transmission with high frequency response, high sample rate, and high level analog output all as standard features.  Optional optical encoder to measure angle and speed is also available.