Torque Sensors – Wheel Sprocket [01306]

Address the needs to measure belt or chain torque on pulley systems with the use of Sensor Developments universal pulley torque sensor.

Capable of accepting various pulley wheels and shaft diameters, this sensor features a highly accurate integrated sensing element, capable of resolving low torque levels while being exposed to high radial loads created by belt drive systems.  Use it to replace a standard pulley system for equipment like engines, generators, fluid pumps, or other motor driven equipment and continuously monitor real time torque while in operation.

This sensor can be adapted to a wide range of belt drive systems and can be installed in a dynamometer test stand or on vehicle.  Various torque capacities and pulley gears can be designed to meet your specific requirements.


Capacity 1000 in-lbs
Overload capacity 150% of F.S.
Output at F.S. 2mV/V
Non-linearity 0.10% of F.S.
Hysteresis 0.10% of F.S.
Zero balance 1.00% of F.S.
Compensated temperature 70 to 170°F (21 to 76°C)
Useable temperature -40 to +185°F (-40 to 85°C)
Temperature effect on zero 0.002% of F.S./°F
Temperature effect on span 0.002% of Rdg./°F
Excitation voltage (max) 20Vdc
Bridge Resistance 700ohms
Maximum shaft speed 5000 RPM