Strain Gauges

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Having over forty five years of strain gauge instrumentation experience, HITEC Sensor Developments offers various customized strain gauge sensors utilizing our approved strain gauge supplier base.

Strain gauges with pre-attached leads

Customize any model strain gauge with pre-attached leads! Utilizing our approved strain gauge supplier Let HITEC provide strain gauge sensors with pre-attached leads to eliminate the need to solder therefore saving both time and cost as well as insuring quality.

Custom Weldable Strain Gauges

Complementing our high temperature strain gauge instrumentation support services, custom manufactured weldable strain gauges and temperature sensors are available for custom use where typical sensors are not appropriate given conditions that cannot accommodate clamping and curing. Weldable strain gauges require minimal surface preparation and self-contain environmental protection as the sensor is bonded to the component using the spot weld method.

Weldable strain gauges suitable for high temperature environments are attached to a stainless steel carrier, pre-wired and coated for optimum extreme environment strain measurements. Typically, these weldable strain gauges can also be pre-formed if required.

Shim material typically used is 0.005” Inconel or 0.005” Nichrome for best results. Lead wire options at any length can include:

0.040’ D Inconel sheathed Type K

0.062’ AWG SST Braided Type K

#28 AWG SST Braided Type K

#28 AWG SST Braided alumel/alumel

Or customized to your specification