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HITEC Sensor Developments is located in Chelmsford, MA USA, and has over 45 years of providing sensors, custom sensor solutions and specialized engineering services.

HITEC Sensor Developments designs and manufacturers load cells, strain gaged based force and torque sensors, instruments and complete test systems, and is an innovator of custom sensor solutions specific to a customer’s application.

Our products are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Off-Road Vehicle, Medical, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Agricultural, Industrial and many others.

HITEC Sensor Developments ACQUIRES Aero Sense Technologies and expands its presence in the aerospace sector.

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Wide range of LOAD cells, FORCE sensors, TORQUE sensors, PRESSURE sensors, STRAIN GAUGES, INSTRUMENTS and DAQ systems

Custom PCA syringe PUMP TRANSDUCER design for measuring forces exerted on the push button of a loaded syringe

for nut runner/fastener assembly tools

On-site strain gage and wire routing

2,000 strain gages installed on worlds most advanced airframe for FATIGUE TESTING

EDM of lead wire holes and egress slots and installation of thermocouples and high temperature strain gages using ROKIDE FLAME SPRAY on power generating turbine engine blades




Torque Sensors for Tools in Industrial Automation

For automated assembly line processes, consistency and quality control are key. Depending on how products are assembled, it may not always be straightforward to rectify issues with earlier stages of the manufacturing process. This can then result in expensive and time-consuming delays.1 To avoid these issues in automated industrial processes, one approach is to use built-in sensors as part of…

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The Benefit of Custom-Made Force Sensors in the Medical Industry

The function of many drug-delivery, therapeutic, and medical device systems often relies on a change in force. This change can be initiated by either the patient (ie, manually) or can be changed by the device itself (ie, automatically). Force sensors can measure changes in force and relay this information to the clinician and/or patient for adjustments. Certain insulin systems, for…

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HITEC Acquires Aero Sense Technologies

October 18, 2018 - Chelmsford, MA. HITEC Sensor Developments, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom load cells and strain gage based force and torque sensors, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Aero Sense Technologies, a leading manufacturer of custom sensors for aerospace and industrial customers. This acquisition expands HITEC's presence in the aerospace sector and adds additional global…

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HITEC Sensor Developments, Inc.

Main Office and Facility: 10 Elizabeth Drive, Chelmsford, MA 01824 Phone: +1 978 742 9032 Fax: +1 978 742 9033