Torque Transducer

A torque transducer is a sensor used for measuring and recording torque on a rotating system to determine the amount of power in an engine, motor, turbine, crankshaft, and other similar type components. These components are typically found in the automotive, aerospace, marine and industrial machinery industries. Torque transducers also are utilized as quality control for assembly machinery in production processes that include fastening tools.

HITEC’s team can design, engineer and manufacture torque sensors to your specifications. We have extensive expertise in torque measurement, utilizing strain gages applied to a rotating mechanism while powering the strain gage bridge to receive a signal to calculate the torque applied. Slip rings, wireless telemetry, conditioning electronics and A/D converters can also be applied for output signal.

We can step in to your custom torque sensor needs at any stage during the design or re-design process; or if you have an existing design, our production staff is fully capable of sourcing components and building your customized force transducer in quantities from 1 to 100,000+, including calibration.

Transducer design considerations include:

  • Material definition
  • Envelope/clearance definition
  • Bridge configuration
  • Environment
  • Measurement specifications
  • Cable specifications
  • Calibration specifications